So, it looks like we might be neighbors pretty soon! There’s nothing we like better than introducing someone to the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest!

It can be tough finding the perfect combination of town, neighborhood, and house that you like whenever you move. But it can be even tougher when you aren’t all that familiar with the area. We pride ourselves on helping people make the best decision possible in the short time they have to get the lay of the land when they relocate here.

With that said, this booklet isn’t going to be fluffy “welcome to the area” information — like what the best ice cream places, restaurants, and things to do are. (But we’ll be glad to give you our insights and opinions on those things if you want!)

Nor does this jump right into focusing on how to find and get the best home at the best price for your wants and needs. While that is obviously a huge concern and part of the process for you, jumping right into the “fun stuff” can cause you some issues if you don’t know about the things we will get into here.

This booklet is a deeper, in-between-the-lines look into some aspects of relocating that most buyers don’t expect (and many agents just don’t think about).

We hope this booklet will help you make as smooth a transition as possible!